ViPec V88 ECU 500€

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Verkaufe ViPec V88 ECU. Freiprogrammierbares Steuergerät in exzellentem Zustand.

- ViPec V88 mit aktuellstem Softwarestand
- originale Verpackung
- Tuning USB Kabel
- Anleitung
- Stecker(kein Kabelbaum)
- Installationsplatte

Funktioniert zu 100%, kann vor Ort getestet werden, soweit möglich.
Baugleich/vergleichbar mit Link G4 ECU.

technische Daten:
internal Diagnostic light & optional remote light.
High efficiency power supply & output drivers for reduced power consumption and reduced self-heating.
Eight ignition outputs. Secquential to 8 cylinders and wasted spark up to 16 cylinders.
Software selectable mappable dwell or O/P pulse duration modes possible.
Eight coil dwell, software selectable.
Eight high current injector outputs.
Spare injector and ignition outputs can be used for output control.
10 Auxiliary Outputs
11 Digital Inputs
4 Temperature Inputs
11 Analog Inputs
3 Load Inputs (MAP, TPS, MAF)
2 Trigger Inputs (Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors)
2 Knock Inputs
Tuning tools, QuickTune, Mixture Table, Maths Key.
Launch Control (two step rev limiter based on vehicle speed).
Flatshift (change gears without clutch at WOT using standard gearbox).
Antilag (keep turbocharger on boost during gear changes) with turbo cooldown function.
Selectable ignition tables.
Up to 440 Zone Fuel Table with configurable load and RPM centres. MGP, MAP and load options.
5D Fuel Mapping.
Many correction tables for precision fuel & ignition adaption.
Digital Trigger Decoding.
Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors.
Programmable filtering and arming thresholds.
Configurable trigger patterns or preset triggering options, such as, Multi tooth, missing tooth, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Ford and GM and Motronic.
Support for two, three or four rotor engines with ignition split.
Dedicated idle control with additional settings for better adaption to changing operating condition and a more stable idle.
Open loop boost control, switch boost pressures, different boost in each gear.
A/C compressor control.
Closed loop narrow band.
Closed loop wideband at WOT.
Tacho and speedo sweep function.
Cooling fan control.
General purpose control modules for O/P control. (use for variable fuel pump, power steering, inlet manifold air valves, extra temperature control devices etc) some of these are capable of PID feedback control.
Mapping via manifold pressure, throttle position, manifold and throttle or manifold.
Fly by wire throttle control will full control over the settings and operation.

Sehr viele Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten und super flexibel einzusetzen.